County Martiniega

-The Legend-


It is hard to know for certain the real origin of Martiniega’s Farm State as we know it in our days.

Kings and noblemen have disputed over this land and they have defended it tirelessly through thick and thin for what this land has been in the end a valuable reward after fiery battles.




Not only that but also there is documentation that proves the olive oil groves on the banks of Ebro go back to the first century AD during the dominance exercised by the Roman Empire.

The different battles which took place in Navarra have historically been documented. The powers who reigned worked hard to make this fertile and unique farm a stronghold to protect and has remained so from then until today.

The craft of Olive Oil production has been always been a feature of the community of Ebro. Many families dedicated their work to growing Olive Oil, work in which all members participated.



It was in the late twentieth century when the olive harvest in the Martiniega’s  State Farm was at  its peak.

Socially there has been a change in the way of perceiving the culture of the olive oil. It has gone from the simply fact of obtaining olive oil for the consumption throughout the year to prepare conscientiously delicious broths of a matchless scents to take advantage of the uniqueness of the farm itself, where the olive trees are exclusively watered with its spring-water’s source.